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The SFP Cup 2019


-01FC Lokomotiv Magicmen32102027
-02Wheeler Dealers21104314
-03Olympic Marté31111104
-04One flew over Lukaku's nest31023303
-05AC Spartak Cheese21012203
-06Just The Tip302102-22
-07Top Heavy FC201134-11


-02Perdoc Byzeusthains21104224
-03Pool XI21103124
-04Butt Kickers311124-24
-051860 Münson310267-13
-07PSV Mongrels301227-51
1st round 20-21 October
Group AGroup B
Adam Patterson00Martin EdwardsRob Dale01Lawrence Baynes
Adam Pritchard01Matthew JermyScott Pritchard51Nick Jermy
-FernandinhoSessegnon, Rudiger, Capoue, Aubameyang(2)Pereyra
Ed McNamara12Michael LucchesiQuentin Baynes31Ross Peggs
AgueroTosun, OzilSchurrie, Silva.B, MahrezSalah
2nd round 27-28 October
Group AGroup B
Adam Patterson02Adam PritchardRob Dale41Scott Pritchard
-Murray, XhakaWilson(2), Mane(2)Aubameyang
Martin Edwards01Matthew JermyLawrence Baynes11Nick Jermy
Ed McNamara22Adam WaltersQuentin Baynes11PoolXI
Willian, SigurdssonDeulofeu, MartialMahrezBrooks
3rd round 10-11 November
Group AGroup B
Adam Patterson00Matthew JermyRob Dale10Nick Jermy
Adam Pritchard12Adam WaltersScott Pritchard02PoolXI
HolebasMkhitaryn, Martial-Paterson, Bamba
Martin Edwards10Michael LucchesiLawrence Baynes03Ross Peggs
Anderson--Rondon(2), Salah
4th round 24-25 November
Group AGroup B
Adam PattersonVSEd McNamaraRob DaleVSQuentin Baynes
Martin EdwardsVSAdam WaltersLawrence BaynesVSPoolXI
Adam PritchardVSMichael LucchesiScott PritchardVSRoss Peggs
5th round 1-2 December
Group AGroup B
Adam PattersonVSMichael LucchesiRob DaleVSRoss Peggs
Matthew JermyVSAdam WaltersNick JermyVSPoolXI
Ed McNamaraVSMartin EdwardsQuentin BaynesVSLawrence Baynes
6th round 15-16 December
Group AGroup B
Adam PattersonVSAdam WaltersRob DaleVSPoolXI
Adam PritchardVSEd McNamaraScott PritchardVSQuentin Baynes
Matthew JermyVSMichael LucchesiNick JermyVSRoss Peggs
7th round 26 December
Group AGroup B
Martin EdwardsVSAdam PritchardLawrence BaynesVSScott Pritchard
Matthew JermyVSEd McNamaraNick JermyVSQuentin Baynes
Michael LucchesiVSAdam WaltersRoss PeggsVSPoolXI

* The whole thing is based on goals scored, rather than fantasy points. 

* You are able to pick a different XI to the one you play in the league, as long as it uses one of these formations: 442, 433, 451, 352, 361 or 343 

* Those who only pick a league team for that scoring week will automatically use that team for the cup. 

* In the Groups stages, each team plays each of the other teams in their group once only.

* Group matches score 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw. 

* The top four teams go through to the 2 legged Quarter Finals. The winner of those will go through to the 2 legged Semi Finals.

* Where two teams are level on points in the group, result in the head to head match will decide. If that was a draw, then it is goals scored before goal difference.

* In the Knockout Stages, in the event of a tie, a replay will be played out with the winning side going through. Should it end in a draw, then the quickest goal scored by either team will win the tie. But it is the time in the matches, not the first goal of the weekend. For example, a goal in the 13th minute in a Sunday match beats a goal scored in the 15th minute in a Saturday match. If the game ends goal-less, penalties will conclude the tie.

* Cup Tied Players - players will be cup-tied during the Group Stage, and then this is wiped clean for the knockout stages, but players are then cup tied again from those rounds. Cup-tied means if they have scored a goal for one team, they cannot play for any other sfp team. However, if they have played in a cup match but not scored, they can play for another team.

* The Final is one leg only.

* The eventual winners will scoop a prize of £40. Runners Up will collect £25

Previous Winners

2018 - Martin Edwards
2017 - Lawrence Baynes
2015 - Rob Dale
2014 - Ross Peggs
2013 - Michael Lucchesi
2012 - Matthew Jermy 
2006 - James Roberts
2005 - Scott Pritchard
2004 - Ross Peggs
2003 - James Roberts
1999 - Matthew Jermy 
1998 - Matthew Jermy 
1997 - Peter Crockford
1996 - Lawrence Baynes

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