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Sealed Bids Results

Managers have 48 hours to review and decide whether to submit a second bid.
THIS SEASON A BID IS A BID. NO RETRACTING OF BIDS. If you win a player you must sign him, or if you change your mind, release the player immediately and lose and money used in the bid.

2nd bids must be in by 8pm FRIDAY 6 September.

1Soyuncu, CDFLEI5.3Adam WaltersMartin EdwardsAdam PritchardMatthew JermyRoss PeggsNick JermyScott PritchardLawrence BaynesMatthew EarlMichael Lucchesisend a sealed bid
2Robinson, CFDSHF2.2Adam PritchardMatthew JermyRoss PeggsNick JermyAdam WaltersQuentin BaynesLawrence Baynessend a sealed bid
3Ward, JDFCRY0.2Adam PattersonMatthew JermyMichael LucchesiQuentin BaynesEd McNamaraRoss PeggsAdam Walters-send a sealed bid
4Lamela, EMDTOT0.2Adam PattersonLawrence BaynesAdam PritchardEd McNamaraScott PritchardMatthew Earl-send a sealed bid
5Cantwell, TMDNOR0.1Ross PeggsMatthew JermyQuentin BaynesEd McNamaraMatthew Earl-send a sealed bid
6Montoya, MDFBRI0.0Michael LucchesiQuentin BaynesEd McNamaraScott PritchardAdam Pritchard-send a sealed bid
7Masuaku, ADFWHM0.3Adam PritchardMatthew JermyMartin EdwardsAdam Walters-send a sealed bid
8Baldock, GDFSHF0.1Adam PritchardNick JermyScott PritchardLawrence Baynes-send a sealed bid
9Guendouzi, MMDARS0.3Adam PritchardMatthew JermyMatthew Earl-send a sealed bid
10AdrianGKLIV0.1Quentin BaynesMatthew JermyScott Pritchard-send a sealed bid
11Dendoncker, LMDWOL0.1Michael LucchesiQuentin BaynesAdam Pritchard-send a sealed bid
12Maitland-Niles, AMDARS0.0Matthew JermyAdam PritchardMatthew Earl-send a sealed bid
13Henderson, DGKSHF0.0Nick JermyRoss PeggsScott Pritchard-send a sealed bid
14McTominay, SMDMUN0.2Ross PeggsLawrence Baynes-send a sealed bid
15Solanke, DFDBOU0.1Adam WaltersScott Pritchard-send a sealed bid
16Dann, SDFCRY0.0Michael LucchesiMatthew Earl-send a sealed bid
17Vestergaard, JDFSOU0.0Nick JermyEd McNamara-send a sealed bid
18Norwood, OMDSHF0.0Matthew EarlEd McNamara-send a sealed bid
19Egan, JDFSHF0.0Matthew EarlLawrence Baynes-send a sealed bid
20Traore, AMDWOL0.0Ed McNamaraMatthew Earl-send a sealed bid
21Luiz, DMDAVL0.0Lawrence BaynesAdam Pritchard-send a sealed bid
22Willock, JMDARSFREEMatthew Jermy--send a sealed bid
23Cathcart, CDFWATFREEMatthew Jermy--send a sealed bid
24Meyer, MMDCRYFREEMichael Lucchesi--send a sealed bid
25FredMDMUNFREEMichael Lucchesi--send a sealed bid
26Burn, DDFBRIFREENick Jermy--send a sealed bid
27Ramsdale, AGKBOUFREENick Jermy--send a sealed bid
28Dawson, CDFWATFREENick Jermy--send a sealed bid
29Krafth, EDFNEWFREERoss Peggs--send a sealed bid
30Cook, SDFBOUFREERoss Peggs--send a sealed bid
31Capoue, EMDWATFREEScott Pritchard--send a sealed bid
32Engels, BDFAVLFREERoss Peggs--send a sealed bid
33Bednarek, JDFSOUFREEEd McNamara--send a sealed bid
34Bravo, CGKMCYFREEScott Pritchard--send a sealed bid
35Djenepo, MMDSOUFREEScott Pritchard--send a sealed bid
36Andone, FFDBRIFREEMartin Edwards--send a sealed bid
37Chambers, CDFARSFREEAdam Walters--send a sealed bid
38Obafemi, MFDSOUFREEAdam Walters--send a sealed bid
39Iheanacho, KFDLEIFREEAdam Walters--send a sealed bid
40Brewster, RFDLIVFREEAdam Walters--send a sealed bid
41Sissoko, MMDTOTFREELawrence Baynes--send a sealed bid
42Longstaff, SMDNEWFREELawrence Baynes--send a sealed bid
43Delph, FMDEVEFREELawrence Baynes--send a sealed bid
44BernardoDFBRIFREEQuentin Baynes--send a sealed bid
45Byram, SDFNORFREEQuentin Baynes--send a sealed bid
46Boufal, SMDSOUFREEQuentin Baynes--send a sealed bid
47Guilbert, FDFAVLFREERoss Peggs--send a sealed bid
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