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last updated 21 May 2018 / season 23 week 50
posteam namemanagerline-upwktransf£prizetotal
01Rob-O-KloppRob Dale000687£1001503
02Wheeler DealersAdam Walters0002940£501498
03Spartak CheeseMichael Lucchesi0003021£351467
04Under PressureRoss Peggs0007021£251455
05Willian Dollar Baby JesusNick Jermy0005124-1396
06Atletico Magicmen 94Matthew Jermy0002719-1378
07Butt KickersLawrence Baynes0003615-1360
08The A TeamMartin Edwards0003523-1298
09Just The TipAdam Patterson000457-1297
1050 Shades Of O'SheaAdam Pritchard000199-1233
11CrackersPeter Crockford000246-1210
12Inter Yourmum FCEdward Mcnamara000105-1189
13Perdoc ByzeusthainsQuentin Baynes0002918-1155
14Bayern MünsonScott Pritchard0003811-1091
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    04 September 2017

    It's been it's usual silly self this September, but two managers have been keen to show off their new signings.

    On saturday, it was Inter Yourmum FC chief Ed McNamara who was quick to welcome his latest addition:

    "We welcome Wilfried Bony to the Claudia Winkleman Arena . We set out our stall to get 'big wilf' during the summer but it took a full on assault today to finalize the deal. We were also desperate to get a player who's name rhymes with pony. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED !

    Meanwhile, on Sunday defending champions Atletico Magicmen unveiled their latest signings as deals were struck with Wheeler Dealers and Under Pressure:

    "It's been a successful window so far. Mason Holgate gives us further options and strength at the back, while Manolo Gabbiadini, with 5 goals in 13 starts, strengthens our forward options."

    "I now believe we have a stronger squad than last season, with much more flexibiliy and cover in every position. We are perfectly poised to challenge Rob-O-Klopp in our title defence. There may even be room for one final 'Galactico'."


    30 August 2017

    We’re just hours away from the September transfer window opening, and with it our usual 'Silly' September.

    This season we plan to follow the exact same process as the last two, by auctioning off all players one-by-one via Whatsapp. We’ll start with the most requested player, and finish with the least. For a full list of available players, go to the Pool Players list here. For those who’ve forgotten how it worked last time out, here’s a step-by-step guide:

    STEP 1 – submitting your bids

    All players, whether they are left over from the auction or new to the game since, are treated the same.
    To make sure you are in the bidding for any of these players, you must register your interest via an email to sealedbids@thesfp.co.uk
    No monetary bid required at this stage, unless you wish to set out your stall and speed things up.
    The Premier League transfer window closes at 11:30pm on Thursday 31st August.
    Therefore, all player bids for our league must be registered no later than 8pm Friday 1st September.
    HOWEVER, I encourage you to send any requests not reliant on deadline day earlier than this to speed things up.

    STEP 2 – the bidding process

    The resulting list of player names will be ordered by most number of bids, then Telegraph value, then points scored this season.
    So a player with ten interested managers will be ahead of a player with 6 interested managers.
    Each player will be auctioned off one at a time via Whatsapp.
    A new group will be created for each player with those involved invited to the group.
    If a manager wishes to drop out at any point they should state "I’m out" and remove themselves from the group.
    It’s last man standing auctions with a 24 hour maximum time limit. If a player goes beyond 24 hours, the auction will stop and the player will go to the current highest bidder.
    You can only bid with money you have, but you can make more during the process by selling players as required.
    We only have 7 days to complete it all, before the next scoring week.

    STEP 3 – Freebies

    At the end, managers have the option to pick up their Freebies.
    Any players that only they bidded for can be theirs for free, or they can decide to leave them in the pool.

    Finally, yet again brother Nick will be stepping into the role of auction master, and he has the power to speed things up when he deems neccesary.

    Any questions, or suggestions, let me know,

    The Chairman


    30 August 2017

    Butt Kickers played out a 0:0 draw with rivals Atletico Magicmen in the third and final round of the Super Cup to seal the defence of their title.

    It’s the first time ever that a manager has won any consecutive Cup titles in 23 seasons, and is an SFP record equallying 10th honour for Baynes, who has now collected three trophies in 12 months. The Butt Kickers boss was overjoyed, and had this to say:

    Click here to view all results and standings.


    22 August 2017

    With one final round of fixtures left to play, SFP stalwarts Butt Kickers and Atletico Magicmen go head to head, and if Baynes Junior can avoid defeat, he will successfully defend his Super Cup crown.

    Atletico Magicmen can win the honour for their second time if they beat Butt Kickers, and Bayern Munson fail to beat Under Pressure.

    However, Pritchard Junior can also still win the honour too. He needs to secure victory for himself against manager Peggs, who has failed to register a Super Cup point in two matches. But then Bayern Munson must hope that Atletico beat Butt Kickers for it all to go down results against each other. But with all three potentionally winning at least one against each other, it could go down to goals scored. In that scenario, Munson will also need to score at least one more than Atletico Magicmen, and at least two more than Butt Kickers to top the group (i think?).

    Click here to view all results and standings.


    10 August 2017

    81 days after lifting the SFP crown for a record 4th time, defending Champions Atletico Magicmen are ready to attempt just that – defend their title.

    After years in the wilderness, in fact eight full years since his last stint in top spot, Jermy Senior finally got it right last time out as he claimed the greatest of his Championship honours.

    But will he be able to repeat the success of the last campaign with the squad he has assembled this season? Many managers have employed similar tactics to those used by Jermy last year, with a bigger focus on a solid backline. Jermy himself increased his spending on defence to £31m, yet has been able to reassemble last years offensive offering. The only faces missing are Barkley and Townsend, replaced by Redmond, Son Heung-Min and Vokes.

    So a similar squad has been built, but Jermy is playing down a title defence:

    ”We’ve spent season after season flirting with top four finishes, followed by the tragically bad. Last season was all about coming at if from a different angle, in the hope of giving us the best chance of finishing at least top four. We’ve followed the same rationale with this seasons auction, and feel confident of again securing a top four spot."

    ”A title defence is obviously the target, but we don’t believe for one minute that we’ve become the number seed. Our win last season has only fuelled the bellies of the others who came awfully close, or who fell a long way shorter that hoped. The first two months are going to be crucial. Speak to me again in October."

  • Time For A Quick Poll

    Who will be crowned 2017/18 sfp champion?
    07 August 2017

    Perdoc Byzeusthians, 50 Shades of O'Shea and the A Team have all now filled their 18 man quota, so it's time for the annual poll.

    Have a look at the squads, and choose your winner. This season you can PICK YOUR TOP 4, to give a better spread of results.

    Who will be the 2017/18 top 4?
    pollcode.com free polls

  • 2017/18 Kit Launches

    five teams release new kits for new season
    03 August 2017

    Five SFP squads have launched new kits for the 2017/18 season.

    Bayern Munson have switched from blue to all gold with black arms, a nod to a previous seasons away strip. Manager Walters has gone retro too, changing back to the Wheeler Dealers brand and a black and gold shirt. Manager Jermy Jnr as stuck with green and white, but has switched to stripes.

    The Inter Yourmum FC brand also makes a welcome return for manager McNamara, with it the familiar blue and purple. Finally, Just The Tip switch to a striking red and white stripped out-fit.

  • AUCTION 2017

    DEFENCE IS THE NEW ATTACK, as managers break the bank on backlines.
    03 August 2017

    After all of the research, planning, hype and anticipation, the 2017 SFP Auction has now been and gone.

    It started as we all thought, with big money being spent on defence. The 2016/17 Champions, Atletico Magicmen, had spent over £27m on defence at last years auction, with a return of over 800 points. It is widely believed that this was how the title was won, and that there was going to be various copy-cat tactics employed at this auction.

    Goalkeeper spending was up by £9.2m on the previous season, with 5 keepers going for over £6m. That was quickly followed by a further £202.6m spent on defenders, up a whopping £43.9m on the previous year. 6 defenders went for £6m, with 18 over £5m, compared to just 5 in 2016. The big spenders in defence were:

    31.1 - Matt
    27.6 - Walters
    25.6 - Pete
    25.4 - Martin
    24.2 - Rob

    In midfield, as a consequence of money being ploughed into defence, spending was down by £31.9m on previous year. Although Martin almost broke the record for midfielders at an auction with his £17m purchase of Dele All, only 8 players crept into double digits. 3 managers spent over £20m in this department:

    29.2 – Lawrence
    28.1 - Q
    22.7 - Ed

    The big shocker was with the forwards. Although spending was only down by £7.5m, they seemed to be going for peanuts. Just 5 forwards went over the £10m mark, when usually it’s at least the first 10 to 12 on the list. What happened next was seemingly gobsmacking, as the rest all went for an average of £2.1m. It was only really last years runner up Peggs who splashed a bit more, following the same tactics as the previous campaign and spending just over 50% of his budget (25.7) on his strike force. These 5 spent less than £10m on theirs:

    7.5 -Rob
    6.6 - Q
    5.3 - Matt
    3.5 - Pete
    1.6 - Martin

    So, it all set things up nicely for an interesting season.For a look at how it all went, click here.

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