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last updated 21 May 2019 / season 24 week 40
posteam namemanagerline-upwktransf£prizetotal
01Rob-O-KloppRob Dale3436621£1001744
021860 MünsonScott Pritchard3434511£501607
03Olympic MartéMartin Edwards4515226£351583
04PSV MongrelsNick Jermy3524315£251522
05AtonementRoss Peggs3523919-1514
06Wheeler DealersAdam Walters3524624-1399
07Butt KickersLawrence Baynes3613319-1297
08FC Lokomotiv MagicmenMatthew Jermy5413418-1269
09AC Spartak CheeseMichael Lucchesi4424614-1268
10Top Heavy FCEdward Mcnamara343358-1259
11Just The TipAdam Patterson442268-1226
12One flew over Lukaku's nestAdam Pritchard4331813-1186
13Perdoc ByzeusthainsQuentin Baynes3612315-1145
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    As we enter the business end of the 24th SFP season, the 5ASide Cup final will produce the first of the 4 SFP honours available.

    In the Green corner we have PSV Mongrels. Manager Jermy Jnr. is appearing in his second 5ASide Cup final, with his last being a 29-19 win against this years other finalist back in 2006. Rather unbelievably, it is the only ever time that these two have met in this competition, and Jermy is hoping for a similar result 13 years later. With another cup final appearance next weekend in the SFP Cup, it could be a career defining week:

    "I hope I'm Arsenal from the early 90's, two cup finals and two wins. Please let Walts be like Worthy's Sheff Wed. If I win, I'll do a Steve Morrow."

    "Also, if I win both of these cup finals I'd leap frog our noisy neighbours (Mr Marté) down the road too in the honours list."

    "Am I confident though? No, it's Fantasy Football."

    In the Black with red trim corner, Manager Walters is competing in his 6th 5ASide Cup Final out of a possible career 10. Having already won it on a record 3 previous occasions, you’d have thought he’d be confident in a competition that he’s excelled in. Instead he’s played down his chances and is full of praise for his opponent:

    "It’s been a turbulent season at Wheelers and would be nice to cap it off with some silverware. Despite our past successes we will go into this as underdogs, and will see what happens. Of course we would be delighted to secure a 4th 5-a-side cup but it will be a big ask against a talented team. We wish Nick and the PSV Mongrels all the best, and have total respect for the superb job he has done there this season."

  • TOP 4 RUN IN

    By Michael Lucchesi

    It's been another dazzling season for Rob Dale who holds a sizeable lead going into the final 6 weeks of the season. Joining him at the business end of the table are Martin, Ross and Scott who have surprised many by keeping pace with Rob-O-Klopp.

    If Rob does take home the title it would be a repeat and his 3rd title in 4 years. This is approaching dynasty levels of dominance in a league that has never been so competitive.

    "We're feeling confident. Got to be with nearly 100 point lead, but we all know that can be eroded quickly. We’ve managed to keep other contenders at arms length recently - as long as Sterling and Mane keep banging in the goals I suspect that is where they will stay."

    Over the international break I reached out to the other top four managers in our league as it currently stands to see how they’re feeling and how they rate their chances of reeling in Rob-O-Klopp.

    Atonement manager Ross Peggs, in a season in which he claimed the SFP Super Cup lamented that:

    "Of course. If you don't win, nothing else matters. Not even a cup. That's even worse than 4th."

    Martin, enjoying a stellar season himself, refuses to concede the title.

    "I need to average 12pts more than Rob every week till the end of the season. Improbable, but not impossible."

    Across sporting leagues and competitions elite players and teams emerge. Next year will mark 25 years of our league. Matt has done an admirable job in tracking all of the trophies, titles, past managers and teams who have taken part in our storied history. With only two managers having won back to back titles, Lawrence Baynes and his Butt Kickers in 1995/96 and Stuart Wigby in 2010/11, a repeat for Rob-O-Klopp would be yet more fanfare. Is this level of dominance good for the league however?

    Scott himself grumbled

    "We’re all just a long list of losers behind Mr. Rob Dale. Let's face it though, the league is dead. Everyone would love it if Rob was overthrown in a similar swing to last year. The cup is what is truly interesting this year, mouthwatering".

    With the managers fighting to catch Rob in bullish mood it remains to be seen if teams will try something radical next year.

    Martin even thinks that VAR could shift the Paradigm next year.

  • Manager Of The Month

    10 Apr 2019

    Manager Edwards claimed his 3rd MOTM award of the season, as Olympic Marte chalked another 25 points off manager Dale's lead at the top.

    Although it seems the title race is over, after last seasons late twist you just don't know. With Firmino, Perez, Maddison nd Milivojevic all finding form ata the right time, Edwards continues to chip away at Dales lead.

    191Olympic Marté
    1621860 Münson
    133PSV Mongrels
    119FC Lokomotiv Magicmen
    117AC Spartak Cheese
    106Wheeler Dealers
    105Top Heavy FC
    98Just The Tip
    94Perdoc Byzeusthains
    83Butt Kickers
    82One flew over Lukaku's nest
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