Day 7 - Serengeti

Many people woke up to watch the sun rise at 6.30am . Breakfast at 7.30am then departed through the Serengeti for early morning game drive. Saw many gazelle and impala and African rat. 2 lions 1 of them a baby sleeping on a high rock, Vultures, Abiss, Heron, group of 9 lions, 1 a young male.

Large family of Elephants

Thompson Gazelle

lion with a small snack

So close to the trucks

whole pride trying to cool off in the shade

Lion with a Topi standing guard on a mound in the background!

Hippo Parents with their Baby



Saw one further lion and a large leopard up high asleep in a tree.

Vervet monkey chilling out

Enjoying a little snack

Elaine making a friend

Lars and Bob

Returned to campsite for lunch of homemade quiche and salad, followed by pancakes and fruit salad and then chilled for a few hours playing cards.

The Serengeti Campsite

Serengeti Campsite -
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Back out on game drive at 3.30pm . Saw 6 lions resting, 3 more lions and 2 tiny dicdics - the smallest antelope.


Big Crocodile

The other bus of our companions

Rain started after we had visited the Serengeti visitors centre so headed back to camp, on the way, we saw hippo and crocodile.

Stunning Rainbow

Moses - our Gap Tour leader


Brave birds!

Monkeys cleaning/de-bugging each other


After a cold shower had dinner in camp of sliced potatoes, vegetables and chicken. Moses and the kitchen team sang a song and bought out a 'honeymoon' cake for Matt and I. We sat around the campfire and bed by 9pm

The chef delivering me a cake! The team behind are singing and playing on pots and pans!

Our lovely cake - a great suprise. I reckon Bob wants a bit though!

Team shot round the campsite in the middle of the Serengeti

Awoken at 1.30am as people had ants in their tents! Christina and Michelle got it the worse and Christina bitten all over. Moses and team poured ash on the nests and moved our tent and another to a new spot. Managed to go back to sleep as so tired and then up at 5.30am!

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Day 7 Map

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Day Highlights
Lion family
Sleeping Leopard
Baby Hippo
Serengeti Campsite
Sunset & Storks
Honeymoon Cake

Day 7 Facts:
Serengeti NP

As well as the migration the park is also well known for its healthy stock of other resident wildlife, particularly the "Big Five":

Lion: the Serengeti is believed to hold the largest population of lions in Africa, due in part to the abundance of prey species

Leopard: these reclusive predators are commonly seen in the Seronera region

Elephant: the herds are recovering from population lows in the 1980s caused by poaching, and are largely located in the northern regions of the park

Black Rhinoceros: mainly found around the kopjes in the centre of the park, very few individuals remain due to rampant poaching

African Buffalo: still abundant, but numbers have been reduced due to disease

The park also supports many further species, including Cheetah, Thomson's and Grant's Gazelle, Topi, Eland, Waterbuck, Hyena, Baboon, Impala, African Wild Dog and Giraffe.

The park also boasts about 500 bird species, including Ostrich, Secretary Bird, Crowned Crane and Marabou Stork.


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