Day 6 -
Lake Victoria and Serengeti

Had breakfast at 7.30am . Some of the group went on an excursion - boat trip on Lake Victoria followed by a visit to a local fishing village where they bought fresh fish and Papaya. The rest of us chilled out on the lakeside reading and playing cards.

View from our tent


Kitchen and eating area and Lars

Posh huts - not where we stayed!

Lake Victoria

Yellow Billed Stork

Little Egret

A wasp digging in the sand!

These ants were all over the place

Madagascar Ibis

Jeremy and Amy returning from a walk,
joined by some local children

Luckily, Christina had Jelly beans
so we could give the children something

Lunch with the rest of the group then departed for the Serengeti with Samuel the Tanzania driver. Very long, fast drive to begin with but when we finally arrived at the National Park, the pop up roofs came up and we saw a large number of hippo in the water, 5 lion sleeping, 2 of them males. Saw a further 3 females, 1 drinking at a watering hole.

Also saw a crocodile and leopard relaxing in the shade and 1 walking off in the distance.

Entrance to the Serengeti National Park

Elephants at a watering hole

Family of Warthog

Lion and Crocodile

Female lion having a drink

And then she had a well deserved rest

Hippo pool

The most adorable baby Baboon

Sleeping lions

It was a little scary when he opened one eye!!

Our first spotting of a Leopard, but he was well camoflaged
and was happy to stay in the tree!

Arrived at the Serengeti campsite in the early evening. 3 other Gap groups also camping there. Beautiful setting - no barriers. Saw giraffe wandering behind the toilet block! Dinner, then relax by the campfire.

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Day 6 Map

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Day Highlights
Lake Victoria Bird Life
Serengeti National Park
Lion and Crocodile
Baby Baboon
Lions asleep
Hippos fighting

Day 6 Facts:
Serengeti NP

The Serengeti ecosystem is a geographical region located in north-western Tanzania and extends to south-western.
It spans some 30,000 km2.

The Serengeti hosts the largest and longest overland migration in the world, a semi-annual occurrence. This migration is one of the ten natural travel wonders of the world.

Approximately 70 larger mammal and some 500 avifauna species are found there. This high diversity in terms of species is a function of diverse habitats ranging from riverine forests, swamps, kopjes, grasslands and woodlands.

Blue Wildebeests, gazelles, zebras and buffalos are some of the commonly found large mammals in the region.


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