New Year – time to get that video done

New Year, so new start with this blog that’s been sitting here unused.

I’ve given myself the task of starting and completing the Return To Scotland canoe trip I filmed back in 2008. I’m aiming for Christmas 2015 as a release date, and thought I’d try and document the stages as I go, maybe to use as some kind of making of, or at the very least to keep me motivated and on track.

Any way, on Monday 5th January 2015, I made a start, capturing the first DV tape onto my lap top. I use Pinnacle Studio to capture the video. I had a bit of bother with dropped frames, so an hours video took nearly 3 to capture, but at least we’re under way.

Last night I managed to capture the 2nd tape, which already takes us up to the second from last day of paddling. Early thoughts are that this video might only end up being just over an hour when finished, which should make life easier.

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