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Scafell Pike

Saturday 12th July
We arrived at the foot of Scafell Pike at 1630hrs, after a very slow drive through the Lake District. Our mini bus that was towing the canoes was struggling a little with the steep inclines, so we were now a little behind schedule.

After a quick briefing and feed we began our climb, staring from Wasdale Head and heading up the west side of the peak. The day was still beautifully clear and the sun was very hot.

Unlike Snowdon the climb was immediately a steep one and the lack of sleep and the fact that we'd already climbed Snowdon was starting to tell for a few of the team. But we stuck together and reached the summit by 2100hrs.

Again we were blessed with a clear day and beautiful views. Talking to some other climbers who had already been up Ben Nevis the same day warned us that conditions might not be so favourable in Scotland.

After 'the placing of the rock' we began our descent alongside a beautiful sunset.

We were down again by 2200hrs and much like the completion of Snowdon, we celebrated by jumping straight into the vans and headed north towards Scotland.

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Scafell Pike

Highest Peak
in England

978m / 3210ft
above sea level

Total up and down walking distance
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