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Ben Nevis

Sunday 13th July
After a long drive into the night, we decided to pull over into a motorway garage forecourt just below the English/Scottish border for a few hours sleep. At 0500hrs we were up again and continued the drive up to Fort William, arriving at our start point at the Glen Nevis Youth Hostel around 1200hrs.

Our concerns about the potential wet weather were put to bed early on as we arrived in baking sunshine yet again. As we began our climb most of the team found the second wind that they needed to carry them up the steep western side of Nevis.

After a steady 3 and a half hour hike we finally reached the summit of Ben Nevis. This time we took a longer break at the top, staying for a good hour to eat and soak up our achievement and our surroundings.

After the final 'placing of the rock' we began our descent doen again, this taking what might not have been quite such an official route?

We eventually made it down at 0700hrs and Dangerous Shunt had enough energy left to monkey bar his way under the bridge over the river.

We got back into the buses for one final time and headed inland to Newtonmore. We set up camp right next to the river, ready to tackle the next part of the trip ...

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Ben Nevis

Highest Peak
in Scotland
and the British Isles

1344m / 4409ft
above sea level

Total up and down walking distance
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